Vengeance is Near

by Claymore

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Interview from “DECIBEL”
Because every day another band records another song. Because 83% of those songs are unlistenable and you can’t be bothered to sift through the dreck. Because metal is about not giving a shit and waking your own personal storm. Because music is universal, expression is boundless, and even indie labels (whatever that means these days) don’t know everything, Decibel brings you Throw Me a Frickin’ Label Hack. - See more at:

Interview and Review from “METAL HAMMER BG” Issue 14
“Bulgarian underground alive. And kicking! Here are examples ...”
“Instead of fighting for the attention of the listener, strings, piano and symphonic parties supplemented in perfect harmony. In this respect, Claymore presented as experienced musicians, and deserve to be proud of the professionalism and attention to detail are evident in the compositions. Plenty of sounds and motifs add a new dimension to the songs, to which anyone with more imagination will not reach.”
Review from "Beowolf"
"Their sound reminds me of something I would listen to if I wanted to watch the battle between the Orcs and all the other human like species in THE LORD OF THE RINGS" - See more at:
Review form Metal Center Poland webzine
“Claymore is a band coming from Bulgaria Ruse. The band likes to synfonic rhythms, dark as morning coffee metal. Claymore is one of those bands that takes us on an epic journey...” - See more at:
Review form Lords of Metal webzine
“Claymore is very good at what they do. I even sense a bit of evil in the music, which is a plus. Claymore plays some extremely symphonic and progressive black metal. It sounds like a cross between later Therion, Rhapsody and Dimmu Borgir. The very bombastic, very well composed and very well produced music makes this into a very professional album. Yet Claymore lacks the same thing for me. I miss the crucial element, that thing what makes black metal so unique. Nevertheless I would recommend this album to all lovers of symphonic metal, for this is too good to be ignored. ” - See more at:


released 06 May 2014



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Claymore Ruse, Bulgaria

The Bulgarian melodic death/black metal band CLAYMORE is formed in the summer of 1999 in the city of Ruse. Founding members are Kamen (bass), Martyn (guitar) and Tsvetelin (keyboards). Since then the band joined Nikolaj (drums) and vocalist Emil to form the current line up.
CLAYMORE currently completes its work on new material, which is called "Vengeance is Near".
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Track Name: Beast in the Crowd
Beast in the Crowd

I will spawn again
From the bottomless pit I come
I am released, heed my howling call...

Plague and death sweep the land
They walk beside me as my companions
Women cry as shadows fall
To fill their wombs with the darkest coil

With the summons I fly
Ashes embelish the Earth when I stride
Utter silence follows the blight
To fill their wombs with the darkest coil
I have arrived, I have returned
From the deepest parts of the Outerworld

Lead me now to my throne
Where I shall rule, rule, rule...(2)
Lead me now, all shall fall
Where the blight consumes

I am an entity composed by legions of souls
The many souls contained within me are released new bodies to form
But connected to each other in a collective consciousness
To make me no longer a fusion of souls, but my army

Lead Us now to My throne
Where We shall rule, rule, rule...
Lead Us noooooooooooow, all shall fall
As the blight consumes
Lead Us now...
All shall fall...
Where the blight consumes...
I will spawn again, a beast of the field
Heed my howling call...

Release Me now, oh, shining one
Through blood and fire
I will rape the land
Unpleased with my count I walk the Earth again!
Track Name: Centuries of Chaos part II
Centuries of Chaos part II

I found the engraving covered with dust
Rapidly polished it, I found what was lost

Within the shouting distance undead warriors hail my names,
Singing in hymns to enter the Gate in bloody bliss
From behind the stone walls their desires crawling out..(?)

Devotinal songs and vibrational chants,(?)
For the thousands thirsty worshipers,
Bind the interrior rhythm of the filthy hands.

As they walk their way to self-destruction,
They stamp on the secrets of life itself
to burst in red delight!
To work in this world, in these creatures
I has come across the secrets of the twilight, yet undbound
For I am the Truth, I am the Way...
Not just some old sign of dedication(?)
Awaken from sleep, I rise solemn..
As whole worlds await their devastation

I am the twisters... I am behests undone....

From letters closed I was lead inside
Leaking in no words, not taking a thing
Granted whole worlds await their devastation

Darkening the I of the beholder to unearths delight
Narrowing down the dismal road
To work in this world, in these creatures

Devotinal songs and vibrational chants,
From the thousands thirsty worshipers,
Bind the interrior rhythm of the filthy hands.

As we walk our way to self-destruction,
We feed the Earth with the secrets of life itself
to burst in red delight!
Track Name: The Eternal Law
The Eternal Law

An Outer World - denominated thinkers,
Rides a Storm in sewn together drinker’s
Old tale - tears, imparts, exhausts as it flays
To dance with thee, to lead thee the ways.

Born from death - prenatal torture – planned to be
As it resumes- entices thee from thy height
A frown replaced the curse of the entombed.

Whistler flings feathers – forever dims the flight
Facing the End – solemn endeavors fought! Parade -
Serpentine blade to sprout on a hallowed in - invite!
Vesper - tine glade imbued a vowing of thy shade:

Reading moral sermons to each other...
Breeding floral sect for a brother...

Escape somatic preservation!
Scrape the yield of lost vibration! U-ha!

Flicker now slumbers away an ephemeral spy
Pacing descent – solemn endeavors still, awry…
Begin the restoration
Thrown away in trepidation

As dawn prepares the midgets for the shining one:
Black is all I has but all the children came to me
Accept the saviors of flesh – adore the chosen one
As drawn foe bears weeps to kiss my drying knee

I escaped somatic preservation!
Shape the field of last vibration!

To mar the future - reach state of zero health,
About split torment the bright suture dwells.
Track Name: Dancing with Black Fire
Dancing with the Black Fire


The Earth, our dwelling, Our place of pleasure and pain...
I am here to acknowledge Our bond with it and its ways... the carnal laws of man... and Truth!
I am here this day to proclaim your life to the gift and power of the Beast, the beast within Me... the true Self!
I call forth Our inner black flame from the five Angles of our Sign!

Let the festivities commence!
We are entering yet another dimension...
The Guardians of flesh...
They already are in preparation...
From where we go there is not return...
With the blame aglow, embrace the upturn!
Feel the burning wrath immence!
Your souls I will enmesh!

I am here to deliver yourselves from false belief and self-deceit,
I am here to open the path to your carnal nature.

Beneath the Spring of Life to stand,
You can't sacrifice your souls!
The bliss in verses of my command,
A fire to devour you all...
You aint't remiss in my demand,
The fire will devour you all...

And above Me - the might and glory. Above all else - the Self!
Humanity in its glory... We are a true manifestation of its greatness.

Hail yourselves!
I am here to realize and bless yourselves in the Black Flame of Truth.
Hail your Selves! Hail your Self! Hail your Selves!

I am here to realize and bless yourselves in the Black Flame of Truth.
Hail yourselves!

Beneath the Spring of Life to stand,
You can't sacrifice your souls!
Invincible is my heavy army
Your dried spirits I enrolls
The bliss in verses decyphered as
A fire to devour you all...
You ain't remiss... You can't withstand,
Black fire will devour you whole...
I, a beast of the field, a being of flesh, proclaim you warriors of Claymore.

Now, partake of this blessing and be strong like this carnal mixture, in the name of the Five whose Angles your life do undertake to care for. We are empowered by the inner black flame.
Hail your Selves! Hails your Self! Hail your Selves!
We reject all false knowledge and self-deceit!
We walk forth into the world and partake of our desires and true nature.

It is done!
Track Name: Antichrist

Can't hold the sky - I see it falling
These reaching hands... I hear thy callings...
From underneath the ghouls are drooling...
Oh, Saviour... The night is burning

Soaked into the grounds of terror with full erosive force
Seeps the stench into your clothes...
The air still freezing - a dragon breath
Now leading us - harbingers of eternal night

The air still freezing - a dragon breath now leading us
The harbingers of eternal sorrow
In these fallow grounds we have arrived
To unleash the hollow-beaten blasphemies
For death shall cleanse the world

Show the saviour eternal suffering and torment,
Relapsing endless pain into futile circulation.
Sitting next to me, rediscover my image
Caress my dreams and fill them with abominations
For the internal fire being - I will be your loud blast

The son of perdition has arrived
From the world of old
The Beast's derived
From the world so cold
To manifest In the enemy's eyes

The One of Lawlessness - Antichrist
The One of Sin - Antichrist(4)
Track Name: New Threat
New Threat


Behind the walls of torture I seeS silhouettes.
These are the ones before I never kneelS!
Behind the walls of fortune I can hear regrets.
These are the ones before I never squealS!

Beside the treasure pours…
Naked, bleeding is my corpse
And I flieS around, luring the entire crowd.
They vowed aloud – “To be yours I was proud!”
And I sighS, surroundS, lifting an inferable shroud!

When all my progenies collapse
In my hands, in my tortured lap,
Then into the darkness I relapse
To stimulate the grin in laughs

As they tear a whole world apart!
Newly born to all philosophies,

Truly worn on walls to abate!
I remembers… I opened a gate…
And now it’s shut with weight.
I remembers… I closed the gate…
Duly thrown on walls to sedate.(?)

These are the ones before I never feels!

Inside - the treasure glows,
My body - left to decompose
And I flieS around, luring the entire crowd.
A cold tide is lifting an inferable shroud!

Priests are torn to pieces, put to sleep.
Boring cut drool is leased. Foot on sheep!
For I rules in chaos, I strides in curves!
Beasts, but ones of burdens, used to reap.
Track Name: Spiritual Fraud
Spiritual Fraud

What I has becometh thou gathered here to criticize.
Doth I succumb to thy fathered lies and demonize?
Rot on your cross and good life – stigmatized
God of black frost – a flake of soot surprised!

Exiled in the void, I doth not seek revenge!
In last season - Fall - I seals death avenged!

A spark of sense forgotten I shalt keep where it thrives.
Years passed or spiritual values changed?
For thou will haul in sail, but blissful go, your star arrives.
Fears last of the drudgery of all deranged!

A church divided in no church, but your fault!
A search provided finds you led to a stained vault!

Above my secured vessel twisted goeth my stars.
Abode, do twist my arm while I hides all the scars.
I can never forget how darkness thee embraced!

Forgotten in thy battle,
Bleeding for thy precious lives,
They kneel before thy cross
And plant a curse upon us all.
They kneel before thy cross,
A plant is growing in the gloss
They kneel before thy cross
And plant a curse upon us all.

To breed it.

Epitaphs cometh to I, like all allured eyes
Of gardeners, who remembers, thus equalize…
And I hath said: “Fantasies do spreadS!” 2x hahahahah
“I wilt spread… A false threat I spreadS!”

The curse is retained in my horn blank!

In prose that cries to share the foeticide:
“I am that I am” – I replieS.
“Reposed on mounds fading idle aides,
Kill My son, in Me confide!”

Lead-by-the-star, lead by the star!
Once I leadS you above the Ruin far!
Track Name: Divine Pursuit
Divine Pursuit

Will soul of flame ever burn the eyes,
Melt a self’s demise?
Will soul in frame ever hurt the eyes,
Belt a self’s surmise?

A transition is taken to condition, cursed,
Of submission in cognition flat immersed.
Far away in the Eastern Mountains lies purity
Of an Avatar that doesn’t sprinkle ambiguity.

We never begs for the favors
Of ones who now shears off through flowing!
We never fears all the labors
Of ones who now stares at the glowing...

Martyr… But contrite and sighs…
Martyr… Ready and sober ignites and inflames!
Martyr… For ever and aye!
Martyr… Steady in solar disguise all acclaims:

Damnation gave way to temptations nursed,
Withheld any expectations from the cursed.
Far away, in the mountains, Air was purity.
An inner river of last rebirth fights tranquility.

The flowing song is lecherous for the nightingale’s reforms!
It freezes all the insects, spiders, and fruits for the swarms...
To delay revelaton...

When they invented the time resort
To organize and cultivate their residuum,
They forgot to extort… We forgots to exhort…
The secrets of the human intuition
And ambition in the current condition. UAH!

A stream of consciousness will flow.
All avoids the Fire, but adores the glow.
Supreme, erected Earths will show
A heart of rock (dulgo) covered with dough.

The wheels of light are rolling around the cloned
But such pure Water shed covered all in the stoned.

Unable to redeem We Cross upon pomposity of the bereaved,
Over the souls We looms...
A fable froms the stream – a loss of one's sight once believed,
Over the stone obscure...
Unstable self-esteem leaks in the pure from all of the deceived,
Over the souls demure...
Imaginations withering resumes...

For I feels, relieves – the beauty never dims Our gins.
For I feel relieved – the beauty shimmer's spin begins...

Will soul of flame ever turn Our ryes
To melt Our hearts of Ice before it tries?
Track Name: Vengeance is Near
Vengeance is Near

I am the one, who drinks the blood of the enemy!
I am the dust to swirld around the seeds of doubt!
I am the one to fullfill my blade's legacy!
By handling a lesson in humility to these...

The acme of my fervor strolls
Climbs the mixture from the bowl
Blessed with fire is my sowrd
I will seek revenge!

Bequests will now unfold
The screams of fiends unknown.
The kiss of night is filtering the fight

As the blight is cast we shall storm the shores
With the beckons of the night we strike!
So stay away, you, sons of whores!
We are here to slay!

With the black sun we shall rise! (3)
With the beckons of the night we strike!
So stay away, you, sons of whores!
Our blades will cut you through! Ugh oh oh.....

Burn this world, you sons of fire!
Walk the scorched pale grounds...
These fallow soils will bleed for us
As we charge we paint the grounds
Like back to the filthy 1999... Destroy!!
Raise your swords! Hail Claymore!

With the black sun we shall rise! (3)
With the beckons of the night we strike!
So stay away, you, sons of whores!
Our blades will cut you through! Ugh oh oh.....

Oods and ends were left to rot
The next of kin to realize
What I have done is vain
For fatality of my revenge!
The scars just followed me - the abbys swallowed me
Down is not the way I may be seeking!

I am the one, who links the truth to your destiny!
I am the dust to swirld around the seeds of doubt!
I am the one to fullfill my blade's legacy!
Handling a lesson in humility to these...

Begins my journey to the stars...
But I shall live within my makrs
My name will stray above the chars of Doom!

With the black sun we shall rise(3)
With the beckons of the night we strike!
So stay away, you, sons of whores
Our blades will cut you through
You have been warned!